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Build your network on Proxio Connect with local and global Real Estate professionals. Extend the visibility of your listings today.

Start Building Your Network Today

Grow Your Business

Exposure to more inventory, including new developments, enables you to expand your business with local, multicultural, and international clients.

Get More Exposure

Agents all over the world promote your listings in their markets and through social media, exposing your properties to new pools of buyers, in their language of choice.

Build Referral Business

Develop a referral network by connecting with motivated real estate professionals locally and around the world using sophisticated digital marketing tools.

Global Connections

Creating a network of agents who can refer business to you is a proven way to earn more income and build a lasting business.

Earn Referral Income

Build a referral network by connecting with other real estate professionals locally and around the world.

Capture More Listings

Gain a competitive advantage and impress prospective clients with an extended marketing reach.

Get reporting on your most important metrics.

Work is completely different today. Businesses are more agile and decision making now requires data to be analyzed. Proxio Connect gives you detailed Analytics about the reach you and your properties are getting. You can measure the impact of your actions to discover what’s working and what’s not.

Build and grow your network of Real Estate Professionals

A local MLS is not enough anymore. In today’s online, multicultural and global marketplace, real estate companies must offer the broadest possible reach to gain competitive advantage.

  • Visibility of your company’s listings to 800,000+ agents in over 100 countries through Proxio’s International MLS.
  • A professional profile for every agent, connected to their listings, to generate buyer referrals.
  • Listings exposed to consumers worldwide in 19 languages on a global real estate portal.